Sunday, 30 January 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - winter skills (rhoscolyn-port dafach)

One of those super bright sunny Winter days that your glad to be out and making the most of it.
With some good planning from Keith and Di helping with the shuttle, a journey from Rhoscolyn to Porth Dafach was the plan. Some moving water, a couple of seals, a huge cave, lots of rock gardening (in and out of the rocks) working on those horizontal and vertical turning skills, some open water paddling while cutting across a couple of bays and good company. A coffee in jumping jacks and then back to Menai Bridge, as the sun set with a golden glow, happy days.

Lets hope the next Winter skills in Feb, that the weather will be as good!

Monday, 17 January 2011

North Wales sea kayaking - the straits

I think it was last Thursday, a mild bright day and Olly and my self stayed fairly local and jumped on the Straits. The tide had just turned (45 mins ago)and was between neaps and springs, but it was good to get out and put the admin stuff aside!

Real plus was I also discovered that my compact camera had a sports mode and so I was busy playing with this, happy days!