Friday, 30 July 2010

4 star sea leader training - North Wales

The 3rd of 4 private training days in relation to the 4 star sea leader training award. Today Sonja joined us to assist in rescues and various scenario's, plus provide another person for Craig to led through various sections. Rhoscolyn head provided enough variety and rough water, for another super day.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sea kayaking North Wales - private day

Both Steve and Mike had been their at the early begins of Coastal Spirit, so its always great catch up with folks. Geraldine (Steve's partner) joined us last year and was back again and this time a few more of their friends (Mike, Natalie and Dave) joined in. This was their first time in a sea kayak. The weather was a little mixed, but the sun was out and the wind remained light.
We returned to Bull Bay and finished the day with a few liquid refreshments!

4 Star Sea Leader Training North Wales - Private

With calmer conditions than what we really needed, a journey to the stacks to find some rough water was the plan. North stack was on the last couple of hours of the ebb, so provided a gentle introduction to the day with eddy turns and working on accurate boat control with ferry glides. We pushed on to South stack (photo above) and with wind against tide appropriate rough water was found! Some surfing and practicing rolling and a paddle float self rescue in rough water, before finding a small bay for some lunch.

With a good hour into the flood Craig then led me back through South Stack, which was considerably rough for its first hour ... and back along to soldiers point.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

north wales sea kayaking - discover

After a very wet first day, with strong winds and lots of technical skills practise on a local lake, Tuesdays forecast of light winds, sunshine and showers was welcomed. North coast Anglesey, with a journey to the disused brickwork's, moving in and out of the rocks on the way, putting the previous days skills into practice and seeing many different sea birds on the way, plus a few super close porpoise sittings. The day finished with some optional balance games and then a drive to a cafe for hot chocolates!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Swelly wave, chickens and rough water handling

Was out last Tuesday evening with Justine Curvengen & Barry Shaw for a surf and play on Swelly Wave. Super evening, although after a day on the water, I new about it next morning!

Above is Rosie one of our chickens (well Sonjas really), from South America, quite small and lays blue eggs, completely crazy and very broody at the moment. Great fun on a day off to watch them going about their business.

On the weekend I was contracted in to work for Plas Y Brenin, on a rough water handling course, following a phone call on Thursday afternoon, due to one of their coaches damaging his back. Super weekend with a paddle out around Point Lynas and over to Ynis Dulas and then back on the early ebb, for a ride through the race and self rescues and rolls in the bay. The following day was a journey down the Straits as it blowed F6, with occasional gusts at F7!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

North Wales Sea Kayaking - 4 star sea leader training

Rough water handling at Harry Furlongs, above on the North Anglesey coast, with an open water journey out to a couple of the cardinal marks and then cutting back to West Mouse. We worked with ferry glides out into the flow, changing and holding position, a couple of eddy turns and then Craig led back to the main land to locate a cove, for lunch. Inside turns, and bow rudders along the shore line and positioning while leading others was considered. To wrap it up a surf in the above, a roll and a self rescue!

Paddling back into Cemlyn Bay, to the squawk of thousands of Arctic Terns, before thunder and very heavy rain, drowned it all out!

Sea Kayaking North Wales - Discover

Earlier this week saw Helen and Mike from Stroud, having ago with the best of the sunshine although a strong breeze was about on the 2nd day. We wish you every success in your new adventure.

Monday, 12 July 2010

North Wales Sea Kayaking - Improve

Ian and Keith leading the return journey on the Menai Straits, with Mari Ann and Richard in their double, and Alistair along side. Experiencing the last hour of the ebb and the effects of wind against tide.

This weekend saw some mixed weather, with Saturday, being windier with grey skies and showers and Sunday, blue skies and decreasing wind.
Initially we focused on turning strokes, a brief refresher for some, and progressed on to ferry gliding the current, (to cross to the other side, with out loosing, if any distance). Sunday was from Moefre to Porth Eilean, on the East coast of Anglesey. Beyond Dulas bay, many seals were seen dosing near the shore, adding to whole experience. For Mari-Ann and Richard above it was exploring what they could do in their double kayak, and how far they could push it ... yes they got wet! before paddling around Point Lynas.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Discover Sea Kayaking North Wales

This weekend we had 3 people on a Discover Sea Kayaking course, with very mixed conditions. Katie and Tom are above and just about to enter a cave, on the North Coast of Anglesey on a super sunny although breezy day. We saw a couple of seals, terns diving and some amazing lions maine jelly fish.

Sunday was really quite different day and as the Met Office put it "some unseasonably strong winds were due". With a forecast of F7, gusting F8 (approx 47mph) and rain we headed inland to Llanberis and Llyn Padarn. Tony is above, working in one of the sheltered coves were we did allot of work on various horizontal turning strokes and stern rudders. We then put it all into context by paddling in and out of the lagoons and then moving up the lake and into the centre, before turning and running down wind, with a following sea.
We finished the day with Teas and Cappuccinos in the Caban, reflecting on the two days and what had been achieved. As I type this now, the sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the sun shining like its been doing it all day, 3 seasons in one day!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Red Warf Bay - walking with Ozz

Been having some proper time out this week and even managed to get on the hammock with a book and have a short snooze!

Had a super evening last night with Julie and Craig, a double birthday and still celebrating my achievement. The Champagne was out again ... I could get used to this! As Im dog sitting for this week, we had a lovely walk down to the beach, tide was out so Ozzy had loads of space to run around, and loose some of that never ending energy.
Sonja is away and is about to undertake three day cycle challenge starting Friday 2nd July, called "ride for precious lives" in aid of Children's Hospice South West. The journey is from St Austell too Bristol, with a distance of around 240 miles and some tasty hills in the way! Not really my cup of tea, Ozz and me wish you all the best.
Huge thanks to those who have sponsored Sonja as she has raised over £500, nice one.