Saturday, 25 January 2014

Advanced Winter Sea Kayaking

Last weekend the winds settled down and the sun came out, just enough and as I had a Bespoke days sea kayaking and a weekends advanced course, all was looking good.

Friday I worked with Zoe out form Trearddur Bay in a chunky swell, but a light bf 4.  Manoeuvring and some work in the surf.  The Bay has changed in the storms, with the last 10 meters, or so of the beach being much steeper now.  This means either side of high water, about an hour, the surf is much bigger. By the time we came back the surf had settled down and allowed some work on leaving a wave, to be practised.  Great day out.

On Saturday Jon, Tracy and Andy were up for pushing there skills and Gethin was along to observe me coaching.  Plan was an A-B trip for Moelfre on the East, to Ynis Dulas and then round Point Lynas and making the most of a forecasted SE wind ....

We did a run through the race at Point Lynas, and Jon took a good hit and shook it off casually ...


And as the winds picked up we worked more out of the race, attempting to catch the fast swells that pushed through ...  Andy and Tracy below.

Sunday saw a beautiful blue sky and we decided after coffees, to go for the Stacks, form Soldiers Point.

North Stack was playful, although at times a little messy.  Parliament House cave had to much swell, crashing down on the rocks to make an easy landing, so we paddle on round to the bay of Abrahams Bosom, to find a more sheltered bay to land and have some lunch in.

The sun was beautiful and just lighted up the rock face ....  It was a great weekend with each person working hard.

Monday was one of those rare days, that I love during the Winter.  Light winds, sunshine and 2ft swell.  Time to find a buddy to paddle with and get out to play! Steve was up for getting out and Penrhyn Mawr, was active, despite being an hour to slack water. We both kept away from the front wave which would rear up a steep 2 mts or so and was pretty explosive.  The boys at 22 squadron RAF where also out ..

We headed on to Parliament House cave and had some lunch in the sun and then on to North stack race ...

As we left the light was fantastic and the troughs and wave faces, surprisingly deep and steep.  South Stack light house can be seen in the distance and as we approach South Stack race we played briefly, before turning and getting back on the conveyor belt to catch out ride back to Porth Dafach.  Thanks Steve, you were good company and it was a top day and I haven't told Barry about the start!!

Happy days!!


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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Roof of Britain - Sea Kayaking Fast Track ~ Rapid Development eXpedition (RDX) 2015

In 2011, I ran the first RDX programme, to paddle around Wales.  The idea was to have a big target, which required commitment to prepare, time in the boat, top coaching and accelerate the learning process.   It was also hoped that it would provide a spring board towards further independent adventures.  The plan was to use the canals inland and then paddle out of the Bristol Channel and back along the Welsh  coastline.  We had one month and some super weather and completed the loop in 24 days and approx. 500nm.  

2011 was a shorter two weeks, with Mull and 2012 with Skye.

A super account from one of the group, Di lee of her paddle around Wales, which she named  "Eat, Sleep, Paddle" can be read/down loaded in two parts and provides a useful insight from the perspective of a participant.

Part one is here  and part two is here

 In 2015 "The Roof of Britain" a 400nm journey with some spectacular coast line is our goal.  One BIG adventure, with only 3 places left ...  2 pre training weekends and beginning in October 2014, with the expedition during late April/May 2015.

Imagine what you could achieve in 2015 ....For more information have a look at my website here ...


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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hercules Arrives ... a Few Photos form Trearddur Bay

This Storm was forecast to be huge, with colours on swell maps not seen before.  Named Hercules, this storm was forecast to be larger than the Perfect Storm .... remember the film with George Clooney in it? 

Some facts from Magic Seaweed, a surf site:

Wave heights of more than 65ft/20mts
Max sustained wind speed close to 70knots/80mph
An area of wave heights exceeding 50ft approx, the size of Iberia
Sennen in the UK is forecast to be 28ft @ 21 seconds ....

Looking at a synoptic chart from the Met Office and the true depth and breath of Hercule's can be seen.   Covering the whole of the Atlantic, from Nova Scotia to Europe ...

I headed over to Trearddur Bay on the West of Holy Island, Anglesey, North Wales around high water. This shot is looking across the bay to the life boat station, and Holyhead Mountain to the left, just in shot ... there was a lot going on, with big reflected waves causing explosive clapotis.

The blue sky seemed to lighten the mood, with reactions more towards WOW and generating feelings of awe ....  Photo below is where the ice cream van is parked (in the summer) with the life boat station on the left ...

Looking into the middle of the bay ... the houses on the front at least won't need there windows cleaned for a while ...

Then a real big smash ....

I love this shot below .. that is until, the spray flew into my drivers side open van window and soaked me!!

The bay is on the right and the road is partial flooded, with a small wall broken down and the football pitch under water ...

Some further surf information can be found here  ... take good care out there ...

All the very best for 2014 ...

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