Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Storm Gathering - SG6 2011 - Anglesey, North Wales

Well the weekend lived up to the name and many Storms Gathered!!

A few of us at Treadour Bay left hand side, enjoying and bright start.

I was running an Incident Management day, so be built up to the bigger stuff, although this meant we were more open to the full strength of the wind. Julie, Mike and Nick were on advanced skills of sea kayaking incident management, so I was keen to put them into gentle increasing conditions ... so reducing the likely hood of a real situation!!

We took a break for so surfing in the bay and some time out ... Mike getting a good run in ..

Julie having a good run in and preparing for the turn ...

I spent best part of the day looking for a safe and suitable place to do a rocky landing ... the photo as often ... doesn't really give it any justice, but a reasonable swell and rising tide was running ...

Towards the end of the day an all in rescue wrapped up the day ...

The 2nd day I was on Leadership skills and back into Treadour bay, initially calmer but it soon picked up ... looking at CLAP ... Communication ... Line of Sight ...Avoid ... Position of Maximum Usefulness and applying this in a practical sense in a number of short leadership sections.

Towards the end of the day a larger scenario was given to the group to manage to its completion ...

Super event, well managed by Mark Tozer and great seeing Beat from Switzerland and Francesco from Sicily. Latter in the week they both have booked on their 4* leader assessment sea .. I wish you well!!

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

3 star sea training - North Wales, Anglesey

With some windy weather on the first day of a 3 star sea training course, we worked in the Menai Straits, and with it being a Neap tide, this worked well for us. Focus was on eddy turns and ferry glides.

The day was finished with deep water rescues, self rescues, contact tows and single inline tow.

2nd day of the 3 star sea training saw gentler winds, F3 and Rhoscolyn was our location with some flow and wind against tide, we found a moderate sea, to work with. main aim was transferring the previous days skills and techniques into swell and a bigger space!!

A break on one of the rocky skerries gave Beat from Switerland an opportunity, to practice and manage a rocky landing.

The day provide a super opportunity to work with stern rudders ...

The feeling of Winter is certainly here with cool fingers and greyer skies, but a super couple of days was had, despite.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Improve sea kayaking north wales - intro mediate skills ... and what a weekend!!

The weekend originally looked windy and Friday evening when I took a look at the forecast, all was looking better and Saturday morning well ... happy days!! This weekend was an Improve sea kayaking course, with all having at least one days previous work in current. The weather was looking good for sea kayaking along the North Wales coastline ...

The plan was a journey from 2k in from Penmon Point on the Straits, across to Puffin Island and then back.

Sonja pleased she was out for the day!!

It really was that good ... and some more ...

We did some eddy turns and short ferry glides before crossing to the Island

Some good reversing and pushing those directional skills!!

On the main beach there was 4 seals ...looking big, pregnant and enjoying the sun, so we crossed back to the main land, landed and had lunch.

Each of the group was then buddied up and separate tasks were given, to provide ownership and increase individual decision making

Crossing back from the central beacon ... just so sunny and super ...

Day 2: North coast Anglesey, Cemais Bay - Bull Bay

Sonja leading the group out with the first of the more confused water ...

The wind was picking up and with two hours of current still on the push we worked just short of Hells Mouth, headland and worked with ferry glides, into the channel and then back, focusing to control and placement.

We paddled on to the brick works, for some lunch and short break

Soaking up the Autumn sunshine, a cooler day but bright and light ... we then crossed to the head land and worked with some of the current which provided some useful wind against tide, and an opportunity for stern rudders.

From left to right, Sonja, me, Rich, Gary, Shaun and Rich. Thanks Manuela for the photo!

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Sea kayaking North Wales - Improve ...intro mediate skills

With Keith, John and Jen on our Improve sea kayaking course and a week of varied weather and strong winds for the first day we set off for Llyn Padarn, and the mountains of Snowdonia, a 20 minute drive from the boat yard.

This provide a super start with refreshing skills of edging and leaning, stern rudders and effective forward paddling.

Day 2 and on to the Menai Straits and with the winds due to drop we did a journey from Menai bridge to Beaumaris.

Introducing ferry glides, eddy turns and working in more swell.

Day 3 and some sun shine! ... This time the North coast and Bull Bay and the brick works, working with paddling in current and swell and a small race.

Lunch at the brick works and some super sunshine

The boys, John and Keith.

John paddling into the eddy after his 1st time paddling through swift current ...

Keith taking some air and riding it out successfully ...

One of the caves along the North coast, in the back of the bay.

The 4th day was a journey to Puffin Island and merits its own account!!

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Improve sea kayaking north wales - intro mediate skills

The last day of a four day sea kayaking intro-mediate course, known as Improve sea kayaking north wales, was one of those top days, with great light, no wind, good current and seals!!

After a coffee and a discussion on the plan, we decided to paddle from Beaumaris to Puffin Island, linking up part of the previous days journey and finishing with a paddle around the tidal Puffin Island.

Here we have Keith up front, with the Great Orme to the right and Puffin Island to the left, with a super silky sea.

Just before crossing to the Island ..

On the main beach ... we kept a distance there was 3 seals, lumbering in the sunshine and looking large and pregnant!

John with one of the seals just snoozing ...

The clouds came and went, and set up some super light ...

As we returned back across the sound we did some eddy turns in the current ..

and then headed back to the lighthouse, to finish the day. The boys had done well, stretched them selves and remained dry in the process!!

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bespoke demo day - Treadour bay

Frank had booked a third day, following the weekend to demo four sea kayaks in a head to head test. He had booked with Pete Barrs Summit to Sea a tide race and P&H Cetus mv and with me a Romany Classic and the North Shore Atlantic.

It was a windy day with some good swell and just right for the day providing super conditions for a test paddle! Frank below in the cetus mv and good edge ...

Taking the tide race out further into the swell ...

The sun did shine ...
The Atlantic and a run towards the beach ...

Looking back at the end as the wind picked up, pleased to be off with some useful observations and feelings about the likely contenders ...

To be continued ....

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Improve sea kayaking - intro mediate skills development

Improve is our intro mediate sea kayaking course which aims to put people into flow, swell and surf, gentle working towards 3 star skills. Following the previous day and due to strong winds forecast a day on the Swellies working eddy turns and ferry glides, with clearer current and no swell, was the plan.

Frank and Zoe having done a deep water rescue.

Elaine managing a back deck all around the world ..

Frank, surprising him self and savouring the moment!!

Keith taking a good low brace turn ..

Frank and Zoe in turn also with good low brace turns and body rotation

Richard in the new Atlantic, getting another low brace turn

Back at the start after a super weekend

Sea kayaking Anglesey, North Wales