Thursday, 28 July 2016

4 Star Leader Training - 13 day developmental programme

Have you ever wanted more time to develop your personal paddling, incident management, assisted/self rescue skills and leadership, in Moderate tidal water’s.  If so, from the 9th November a 13 day course begins that will take you thorough the British Canoeing 4 Star Performance and Leadership award and much more.

Adriana Eyzaguirre of Explora Expeditions has organized an exciting extended 4 Star Leader training programme, with my self, here on Anglesey, North Wales. 

Currently 4 people have booked on, so the course will go ahead and they are looking for 2 more to join.
 The team will be training for 13 days with weekend breaks and the course includes the Coastal Navigation & Tidal planning award and Foundation Coaching the Mind award.

Additionally, I’m is also offering the option to come along for two weekends following the 13 days programme to assist/observe me with his groups (must have solid roll for this and only one person per weekend). 
I’m also offering an opportunity to join the coaching and mentoring programme offered by Coastal Spirit.

The team will be staying at Anglesey Outdoors bunk house, during the programme.

This is a unique opportunity to bring on further your skills, with a good mix of conditions and time to reflect over the 13 days.   You will also leave the programme with a detailed action plan.

Interested? Would you like more details then contact Adriana via email:


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Performance Psychology - Coaching the Mind Module - By Keith Wilbraham

Coaching the Mind Course my personal experience.

I did the coaching the mind course last year run by Lee Pooley and Roger here is my experience of the course and where it has taken me since.

I was in a bit of a rut with my paddling getting out about once a month and sticking very much to my comfort zone and avoiding getting wet. This was proving to be a problem as my paddling had not really progressed for years and I really wanted to pass my 3star assessment.

The first day’s session with Lee was interesting and went through a lot of approaches to how you considered things and how you could use the techniques taught to improve your performance and approach to activities. Lee’s teaching is interesting, his depth of knowledge and experience keeps you engaged with the subject enabling you to learn effectively. This is important to me as I tend to have a short attention span and don’t always do well in a class room.

The second day was on the water and the idea was to take what you had learned during the first day and come up with a plan to do some focus on some aspects of paddling which you wanted improve. I had a sleepless night, but found a bit if pizza box to jot down my ideas for day 2. I decided to work on the three worst areas of my paddling, rough water, self rescues and rolling. The plan was hopelessly ambitious for time available and for my fitness level but Roger and Lee somehow managed to accommodate the variety of things people wanted to try and I did some work on rough water, rolling and rescues.

Highlights of the weekend for me was feeling more in control in rough water and completing three rolls.

Since the course I have achieved a number of things that I don’t think would have accomplished without the input from Roger and Lee.

My partner and I went to Plockton last summer and paddled in a place I was unfamiliar with.

I completed my first solo paddle.

I passed my three star.

I have and approach to paddling in tide races which is allowing me to slowly improve my performance and cope with the environment.

I think this course enabled me to move my paddling one and was excellent in helping me achieve my goals.

Keith Wilbraham

Many thanks Keith, for your comments and Blog above.

The next course is this weekend 16/17th July for Intermediate paddlers or above and you can attend both days or just the first day.  The first day involves various work and theory inputs and is fairly active and dry!  The day can count as a British Canoeing Coach update and is aimed at Coaches, Leaders and those that want to improve their understanding and performance.  

This could be white water paddlers, canoeists, climbers and so on.  The skills are highly transferable.  

The 2nd day is putting the theory into practice for sea paddlers.

Email or call him on +44 7873 132999 for more specific information or to book a place.  £180 both days or £90 for the first day.