Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sea Kayaking Course's currently with space's on ...

With all of this super blue sky sunshine sea kayaking courses have been filing up and only the following currently, have places.

Introduction to sea kayaking weekend of 12/13th July at £130 - 2 places left
Mid week Intro to sea kayaking 18-21st August - 3 places left and choose 2-4 days.  Details are here 

Expedition around Anglesey 10- 14th August only 2 places left at £430 and for Intermediate paddlers.  More details are here

Advanced sea kayaking and rough water handling - 19/20th July - 1 place and 30/31st August - 3 places at £160.  Details are here

InterMediate sea kayaking 26/27th July 3 places left at £140 and 25-29th August with 2 or 5 days option.  Details are here

IntroMediate sea kayaking course 2/3rd July at £140

Make something more from your summer and extended those skills, or take some time out in a wonderful salty restorative environment.  

Email me at for more information.


sea kayaking courses north wales
Anglesey sea kayaking course's summer 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bespoke sea kayaking courses - North Wales, Anglesey

Its been a busy few weeks with Bespoke sea kayaking course's.  Bespoke sea kayaking is specific to you, set and your pace, addressing your wants and based on your needs.  It can be for an individual, friends, group or club working on specific skills or just a private journey ..

Keith was wanting to focus on leadership, decision making, incident management and rescues - so that when he next goes out with his partner Debbie, he feels better prepared ... we had mixed weather but had a great journey on the North coast, with a good few sightings of porpoises ... all the best for your next paddle with Deb's ...

Many has paddled on and off for the last few years and recently bought a sea kayak and was keen to develop confidence, understanding and skills.  Mandy did a couple of great tidal plans, a key skills in sea kayaking and we had a super trip again on the North coast taking in the island of Middle Mouse ... and then due to the winds and a needs to work on tidal flow, we went into the Menai Straits and finished with a couple of balance exercises ... all the very best with the Great Orme's paddle this weekend .. ;)

Kevin and father wanted a days paddle at Moelfre, on the east coast, so he bought a sea kayaking birthday gift voucher and joined his dad.  They used to holiday as children here and we had a cracking forecast and a gentle sea ... and even got Ynis Moelfre (the small island of the headland) in .. with some gentle tidal flow ...

Brun from Tasmania originally contacted me, as her friend Jo was up.  And Floss you lives on the island and works with her parents at Anglesey Outdoors - which has a super bunkhouse with a camp site  ... also joined us for the day ... the photos tell the story ...

Its been a great variety of private and specific sea kayaking days ... for more information, have a look at this link.

Thanks, Roger

roger chandler

north wales sea kayaking course's
bespoke sea kayaking course's anglesey

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Advanced sea kayaking

This advanced sea kayaking weekends course saw Daren, Pat and initially Leif.  However Leif was unwell so had to pull out, despite all the sunshine and blue skies ;)

For some reason my photos have been put back to front so i run with the photos as they are!  Sunday and with such a super forecast and having pushed the skills the day before, the Stacks was our destination.  With a good spring tide and a Northerly light wind it was likely to be sporty!

Daren led Pat down through one of the central channels at Penrhyn Mawr and then we worked on eddy turns, angle, ferry glides, and surfing :))

Daren leading and briefing Pat with the white curling edge of the race ..

Saturday was on the North coast based on Pats plan and a paddle out to Middle Mouse provided the action and rough water, with a gentle increase in conditions ..  rolls, self rescues and assisted rescues were practised .... after doing a rocky lading on the smaller of the islands and away from the birds ..

Both having done a rocky landing and then self rescued - Pats Greenlandic kayak has a small ocean cockpit area, so it was the first time he had re entry and rolled it .. ;)

Pat setting him self up to swim the kayak in ...

it was a great sunny, blue sky weekend with super conditions and enthusiasm applied from both Pat and Darren.

The advanced sea kayaking course is for those who either have completed the 4 star performance and leadership award training or have the similar skills to paddle in a moderate to advanced environment.  Ratio is 1:4 and further details are here.


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rough water handeling

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Learning to roll and more ...with Cheri and Turner

Anglesey, North Wales - Greenland rolling and more ...spaces left ...

Friday July 18th, Saturday July 19th and Sunday July 20th

If you really want to learn to roll and truly get your sea kaying journey started, read on ...

Cheri and Turner are returning to one of their favorite paddling destinations on the planet, specific location TBD by the weather as usual! To sign up contact Kayak Ways Cheri  -

Friday, 6 June 2014

InterMediate sea kayaking course - North Wales, Anglesey

This weeks 4 day InterMediate sea kayaking course had a BCU 3 star performance emphasis and Jonathan was keen to pursue this award.  While Phil needed to develop his roll, but was also keen to go through the process.  Rhoscolyn was the first day and at the end of the flood on the Beacon, with a fair but gentle swell.  Working through angles, eddy turns, ferry glides and surfing in a race ... finishing off with self rescues back in the bay ...

Tuesday and Andy joined us, for the North coast. We had a good swell, close set, so the coastline conditions were a little confused, but again fairly light winds and more sunshine ...  contact tows, push/pull, in line towing rafted tows, assisted rafted and then some gentle play in the ebbing current at Middle Mouse ...

We were just 45 minutes into the ebb, but the race was beginning to look good .. another hour and it would have been really super.  Dag setting him self up for a run ...

Wednesday was a greyer and windier day and a super opportunity to really nail eddy turns, feeling and responding.  We got on at Menai Bridge and eddy hoped up into the Swellies ...

The final day and we were back at Rhoscolyn with a gentle F4 westerly blowing and after self rescues, and a couple of circuits, working with onside stern rudders we headed down to Sliver Bay ...

Which was just perfect to begin with ... and a magic view for lunch!

Andy with the task of controlling back surfing ...

We headed back to our start point and on the edge of the bay in gentle swell the three of them jumped in and worked on their self rescues, with great effect.  It had been a super few days with lots of energy and effort applied form the guys.  Congratulations to Jonathan for passing the 3 star award and I wish you all the very best with your paddling adventures ...


InterMediate sea kayaking course
north wales sea kayaking course

Intro to Sea Kayaking Course, Anglesey - North Wales

With a perfect forecast Saturday was looking stunning for an Introduction to Sea Kayaking course and Moelfre on the East coast of Anglesey was our destination.  After working through outside edged turns, using a forward sweep and being particularly conscious of the effect of BODY, Boat and blade, we moved out of the bay on our journey.  

David and Phil were just out for the day having been bought a sea kayaking gift voucher and Sion was also out for the day and wanted to get a feel for what it was all about.  Having considered sea kayaking holidays further away in warmer countries.  While Jo and her husband were on for the two days and wanted to see if it was an activity at some point they could take up with their children.  The final person was Dag, from Norway who was over observing and assisting as part of a placement, to see how other companies work and do what they do. What a great idea ...

After an initial grey start the clouds cleared and the sun really came out and not a jacket was seen.  To be honest we could have been in the Med!

As we return to our start point and the sun was blazing down .... an option to either take a break on the beach and observe or have ago at some fun and balance ... Dave enjoying the process  

Jo sums it all up for me here .. fantastic!!

Sunday and after chatting with Jo and Brandon and due to both of them picking up sea kayaking pretty well, i up the level of the course to IntroMediate - intro to wind, swell, surf and current and some time all 4!!

The north coast and Bull Bay to the brick works and back - forecast was f4/5 S/SW so we would get some shelter from the cliffs, but it would also funnel out of the bays.  Its a stunning part of the coastline, and Jo had particularly enjoyed the short rocky and higher cliffs of the Moelfre trip.   There was also a super cave ...

 Heading up into wind and working their forward paddling ...

Then a down wind run after lunch and out of the bay.  Great sighting of a seal and a number of close encounters with porpoises, was a highlight of the day.

Back at the start, having done very well indeed and had a super flavour of what sea kayaking can really be about.


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