Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mountains and snow!

After meeting Olly Sanders at 0600 and then a drive towards Dolgethlau, temperature ranged from 1c at home to -7co in the valleys. Arriving at our destination following a coffee or two latter, 3 vehicles were already parked in a lay by. Not good ... when contemplating an ice fall (being showered by ice I would rather not!), so we drove back towards Cadair Idris.

The carpark was frozen so initially all looked good. 45 minutes into the walk and the snow was soft ... well to keep it short, it was fairly mild and no real ice. We then headed up the back of the combe, towards the coll (Olly near the top) and decended to the left, down the ridge and back to the van.

Great day out, right amount of kit and super to stretch the legs and lungs. Heres hoping the forecast is right and we have a cold Christmas!

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