Monday, 6 February 2012

Inter-mediate sea kayak course - keeping active over the Winter

As i watch the forecast go from a gentle blue sky f3 to a wet and windy f5-7, I was at least pleased it was our Inter-mediate sea kayaking course and its aim is to work in rougher conditions and assist people in becoming more self sufficient. Keith, Andy & Tracy were up for the Saturday and a run on the Straits from Y Felinheli to Caernarfon and back with the ebb, so some wind against tide action and then get the flood and use the wind to move back up. Its one of the great points of Anglesey sea kayaking, we can often avoid the worst and fine what we want, a lot of the time, despite the weather.

Good progress was made up against a f4 wind, which at times had some stronger gusts ...and at least it kept us warm!! Andy & Tracy above.

We took a break in the small harbour at the base of the castle, re fuelled out of the wind, before getting back on and pushing the last hour off the tide. Tracy looking on, with Keith in the background ..

Keith passing Caernarfon, with some good wind now on his back ;)

We were soon back to our starting point in about 1 hour, so with time to spare we paddle on to get another down wind 2k push and on towards the A55 bridge and the Swellies. We were a few days off Neaps and taking a few eddies and ferry glides added a new dimension to the day. We were soon back at the boat yard and carrying the sea kayaks back into the boat yard. Big thanks to Keith for driving me back to the van.

Sunday morning North Wales generally was looking much brighter and warmer and Anglesey, well its not known as sunshine island, for nothing! After some planning and a coffees, Trearddur Bay was the location with a paddle towards Rhoscolyn Head and back and with a winds NW f4/5 and then dropping to f4 and further decreasing as the day progressed. We would pick up on some good swell, left over from the previous days strong winds and some tide as we paddled out of the bay, making it interesting ...

Paddling towards Ravens point and beginning to pick up on the swell ... with the winds were f3, fantastic and some lovely Winter sunshine!

Doing a couple of across swell and down wind circuits before becoming more committed, to the next bay. Rhoscolyn head in the distance.

After a good ride towards the white arch, an adapted plan was discussed and we worked our way back, taking a short break in one of the small bays.

Heading back in after a super day out on the sea and comfort zones having been stretched and skills pushed that bit further, which often helps to underline what we need to do in other parts of our lives, so as to maximise the short time we have on the sea.

We headed to the Trearddur Bay hotel to reflect on the day and wrap up the course.
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