Monday, 26 November 2012

A window in the weather

This was the first IntroMediate Winter Skills sea kayaking weekend ...phew ... bit of a mouth full and I was extremely pleased to see a favourable forecast.  With a wild week of wind, rain and flooding the week before and much the same forecast for Monday the weekend was looking stunning!  SE 3/4 increasing latter and 5/6 over night with rain.  And then F2/3 variable winds with sunshine on Sunday ..

This weekend was aimed midway to top at this level, due to some previous experience working at the level. 

After meeting Helen and Peter and Andrew (on holiday from New Zealand) and Rebbecca, we created a plan, which involved swell, current and some wind.  Cemais Bay, to Middle mouse, all being well and back. 

Doing a few circuits, as people get a feeling for the boats and Peter enjoys his coffee!!

Andy above in the first of the rough water ...

Rebbecca on the out side and Helen closer ...

We worked a few short circuits with the aim of using the body to assist a turn, and then as we were very close to slack water headed out to Middle Mouse.  We could see the whole of the North coast of Anglesey and as the wind began to gust more we headed back. The boys leaving the eddy of Middle Mouse above

We laded for some welcomed lunch keeping it brief and were soon back out and working a great inner flow, which earlier had been a gentle eddy stream and now was moving and being drawn out by the main flow, producing a good moderate sea.

Rebbecca and Peter, were given ferry glide out and ride the swell and surf up against the flow.  Then paddle back down and repeat.  While I worked more with Helen and Andy on eddy turns and then ferry glides using an imaginary clock face to work out the direction of the flow, to then assist with the angle to paddle out, to achieve the goal.  All were working particularly hard and Andy took a particularly chunky piece of swell that capsized him and moments latter he was back in his boat.

The sun had never really come out and it had the feel of a Winters day, but it didn't stop us ...

Sunday - After a reflection on the previous day and two potential locations, the one with more swell and surf was chosen ... Rhoscolyn.

Now this was a surprise start to the day with gorgeous sunshine, although we were all in dry suits and boiling!  We did some forward paddling work and circuits, and focused on inside turns and low brace.  Used these as we headed for Silver Bay, hoping for some surf, we did some rock hoping as we moved along the coast.  There was another team who had thought of the same idea, with Simon and Mark, who I new.

Surfing a sea kayak can be tricky, everything happens fast and theres lots to process and think about. But its a great way to progress skills quickly, as long as your OK with a few capsizes along the way ...

It was super and just right .. Helen above catching her first wave ...

Pete who has a strong and broad white water background enjoying the waves ...

And some more ....

Rather than one big break people snacked and took what they needed, which also meant their was often two on the water, which allowed space and those on the beach to watch and further assist them with their learning process ...

Rebbecca taking a bigger wave ...and enjoying herself ...

The sun was still fighting but loosing the battle as we headed back out to Rhoscolyn, to go through assisted rescues and self rescues ... Yep a keen bunch!

Helen with some fun and balance to begin with ... then a back deck self rescue ..

Andy doing a back deck (cowboy) self rescue, which had been demonstrated by Rebbecca.  While I worked with Pete, who had a strong roll and completed it first time.

It was a super weekend, with keenness and enthusiasm adding to it all!

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  1. Nice to see you again Roger, amazing weekend considering the weather recently!