Monday, 13 January 2014

The Roof of Britain - Sea Kayaking Fast Track ~ Rapid Development eXpedition (RDX) 2015

In 2011, I ran the first RDX programme, to paddle around Wales.  The idea was to have a big target, which required commitment to prepare, time in the boat, top coaching and accelerate the learning process.   It was also hoped that it would provide a spring board towards further independent adventures.  The plan was to use the canals inland and then paddle out of the Bristol Channel and back along the Welsh  coastline.  We had one month and some super weather and completed the loop in 24 days and approx. 500nm.  

2011 was a shorter two weeks, with Mull and 2012 with Skye.

A super account from one of the group, Di lee of her paddle around Wales, which she named  "Eat, Sleep, Paddle" can be read/down loaded in two parts and provides a useful insight from the perspective of a participant.

Part one is here  and part two is here

 In 2015 "The Roof of Britain" a 400nm journey with some spectacular coast line is our goal.  One BIG adventure, with only 3 places left ...  2 pre training weekends and beginning in October 2014, with the expedition during late April/May 2015.

Imagine what you could achieve in 2015 ....For more information have a look at my website here ...


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