Sunday, 13 April 2014

North Wales Sea Kayaking - 4 star leader training and development

Time to catch up on a couple of Blogs, after a busy couple of weeks.  The first is a sea kayaking course on Anglesey, with Tavi, Anita and Neil was on the 4 star leader training and we had mixed conditions.  The wind mainly never truly arrived, as forecast.  The Swellies on Sat working through various skills and rescues and some rough water with Rhoscolyn on Sunday.  The ebb current provided super conditions to transfer skills and surf, roll, self rescue and apply various assisted rescues.  Contact tows, with deciding to keep the water in the kayak, to get the person out of the situation quickly or no real rush and better to get the water out, perhaps because a rafted tow was required.  KISS - Keeping it simple short by using no tow line or connecting link was the start and when to use towlines or a link.

After a busy weekend and action planning finish.  Monday saw Tavi leave and David joins us for the Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning theory course and a day to rest the body and push the mind ...

With the 4 star leader training course now completed, day 4 and 5 was based on addressing action plans and areas of development. Anita and Neil, had both mentioned, surf, tidal planning and relating it to the environment, plus leadership positioning.  The Stacks would push all of the above and with light winds and a 10 sec swell interval, it was likely  to be lively.

Pen rhyn mawr (inner channel) on the last hour of the flood and close to slack, with Neil leading through ...  there was to much swell to get really close to the cliffs but the various eddy streams were strong and the sun was out ..


Anita approaching South Stack race and about 100mt above the first wave ... 

and this monster rearing its head ... time to really get those kayaks moving!  Once through we turned and worked the smaller waves, before continuing our journey back to the start.

The final day saw Anita and my self getting out and into the wind on the North coast and considering positioning, and personal skills to get the best out of the boat and top tips for once students ..

Some close quartering and paddling close to the rocks, before lunch and a paddle out to middle mouse, wrapped up the day.  Hot chocolates and a recap of the last few days before Anita flew back to Switzerland.


4 star leader training sea
4 star leader development course

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