Friday, 6 June 2014

Intro to Sea Kayaking Course, Anglesey - North Wales

With a perfect forecast Saturday was looking stunning for an Introduction to Sea Kayaking course and Moelfre on the East coast of Anglesey was our destination.  After working through outside edged turns, using a forward sweep and being particularly conscious of the effect of BODY, Boat and blade, we moved out of the bay on our journey.  

David and Phil were just out for the day having been bought a sea kayaking gift voucher and Sion was also out for the day and wanted to get a feel for what it was all about.  Having considered sea kayaking holidays further away in warmer countries.  While Jo and her husband were on for the two days and wanted to see if it was an activity at some point they could take up with their children.  The final person was Dag, from Norway who was over observing and assisting as part of a placement, to see how other companies work and do what they do. What a great idea ...

After an initial grey start the clouds cleared and the sun really came out and not a jacket was seen.  To be honest we could have been in the Med!

As we return to our start point and the sun was blazing down .... an option to either take a break on the beach and observe or have ago at some fun and balance ... Dave enjoying the process  

Jo sums it all up for me here .. fantastic!!

Sunday and after chatting with Jo and Brandon and due to both of them picking up sea kayaking pretty well, i up the level of the course to IntroMediate - intro to wind, swell, surf and current and some time all 4!!

The north coast and Bull Bay to the brick works and back - forecast was f4/5 S/SW so we would get some shelter from the cliffs, but it would also funnel out of the bays.  Its a stunning part of the coastline, and Jo had particularly enjoyed the short rocky and higher cliffs of the Moelfre trip.   There was also a super cave ...

 Heading up into wind and working their forward paddling ...

Then a down wind run after lunch and out of the bay.  Great sighting of a seal and a number of close encounters with porpoises, was a highlight of the day.

Back at the start, having done very well indeed and had a super flavour of what sea kayaking can really be about.


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