Tuesday, 23 September 2014

InterMediate Sea Kayaking Anglesey, North Wales

It was a weekend of two seasons with Saturday feeling, grey damp and colder.  While Sunday was bright, with blue skies, sunny and hot!

Mandy, Glynis and Steve were on an InterMediate sea kayaking weekend and after coffee, looking at forecast and discussing what individuals wanted to focus on, we headed across the island to Porth Dafarch.  The intention was to paddle towards an ebbing South Stack, rock hoping as we went and with a f3/4 N/NE the corner of Abra hams Bosom would be the deciding factor whether to push on or stay put ...

We stayed in the area of Penrhyn Mawr as the sea provided what we needed, with a few good rocky channels, working on low braced leaned turns and moving through swell ... Lunch and then into the first hour of the flood, with wind across time we started to get some good conditions ....

I set Mandy and Steve a circuit in the main race, of moving up through the current, which provided a gentle following sea state - something they both had asked to work on (while working in buddies) ... Glynis and my self worked in the inner channel which was more protected.

Sunny Sunday ... and after meeting and comparing both Mandy and Steve's tidal planning, we set off to Soldiers Point to paddle The Stacks on an ebbing tide.    We were just off a neap tide, but due to the previous days N/NE winds North Stack race was a little confused, but all managed very well.  We were soon into the big cliffs, caves and arches ...

The Stacks had been what anyone would have wanted. Steve had rock climbed a number of routes here in the past, so it was well up on his paddling list and with Glynis having been initially inspired to go sea kayaking, after looking down from the cafe area, at South Stack and seeing paddlers below and deciding she wanted some of that.   It was great to see the progressions and the smiling faces of all ...

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