Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter Sunshine and InterMediate Sea Kayaking

North coast and Cemais Bay, with some super Winter sunshine was the start of this weekends InterMediate sea kayaking course which was made up of - Leif, Keith, Noel, Graham and Mandy.

Out side and inside edged turns, down wind runs, contact tows and some surfing .... 

Mandy having caught a nice wave in ... ;)

And then a journey across the bay and into some bigger swell.  Towing, in-line, rafted and assisted tows

Sunday and a gloomier, wintry forecast and the Straits form Moel y Don to Menai Bridge and back.  There was a super push of the tide as we surged under Britannia Bridge!

Loads of eddy turns and ferry glides and as the flow slowed, working on really getting that body working and emphasising the turn ... some eyes closed work too!  Lunch and then a return journey with wind against tide and a super run.  Closer to the end we pulled over and got some fair rides and surfs back up the flow ...

Leif below looking for that wave ...

And now Noel and Leif heading for Moel Y Don ...

Congratulations to Graham for passing the 3 star performance award.

The next InterMediate sea kayaking course, which currently has places on is the 27/28th June.

Have fun out there ...


roger chandler


  1. This was a fabulous way to spend a January weekend (and not just because I passed the 3* !). Working with the 'interesting' conditions (strong winds and spring tides) Roger served up calm, chop, surf, wind, tide and swell on the first day to test and exercise us in rescues, towing, surfing and paddling. For the second day, the pre-lunch menu included the tidal streams and eddies of the Strait and after lunch we were treated to some steep chop with the ebbing tide fighting a strong westerly whipping along the channel.

    With a very easy, and approachable style, Roger is continually imparting information, making skills development a pleasure what ever your level. However, as with all things when you are having fun; too soon it was over - I really didn't want to get off the water. I will certainly be back for some more.

  2. Many thanks Graham for your comments and Im glad you found it a useful and enjoyable weekend. I look forward to paddling with you in the future. R