Sunday, 9 August 2015

Around Lands End - by Tavi Murray

Land’s End and trip postponement …

Day 5, 31km, Praa Sands to Sennen

After our day off at Praa Sands it was time to say goodbye to Julie who was off to join Gordon, and time for Debs and myself to continue around to the north coast. Gordon gave us a lift down from the campsite to the beach where we packed after a breakfast of egg and bacon butties – a bit of a theme here! Surf launch in full waterproofs and then dry tops off it was time to head back to Penzance Bay and a two hour crossing. Eventually Penzance disappeared from view, then lunch and ice cream at Lamorna Bay... We planned to round Land’s End at slack (-1.5hr HW Dover), but first made a quick stop at Porthgwarra, the last beach and possible get out hoping to phone a shore contact. No joy, we had no mobile reception and the phone box was out of order. At Land’s End our timing was impeccable, there was only the mildest bumpy water and we had the tide gently with us throughout. Land’s End itself was a stunning place, about 6km of rugged rocky headlands, slots and caves. The rather Stalinist looking lighthouse at Longships (I think it’s the helipad that gives it this look) is visible for much of the trip, beckoning out towards the Scilly Isles (another day!). We arrived at Sennen and pitched tents, knowing the forecast was for at least two days of F10 winds.

Days 6-7 After a wet and windy night with a stream apparently through my tent (but under my sleeping mat) we headed off in the rain to find a dry cafe and breakfast. Returning to the beach we found Debs’ tent flying towards the waves! Luckily it hadn’t reached the sea and everything was rescued! But it seemed like time to retreat to a house… Luckily Debs has friends in Porthgwarra, a short taxi ride away, and we left our boats in the yard of some friendly if somewhat bemused holiday makers in Sennen. (Many thanks!). But with large swell and winds meaning that it looked as though we’d have to sit out 4 days before a short window of better weather and then further storms we decided to curtail the trip and go back to work early and then return to finish later in the summer with some better weather!

To be continued …!  

Tavi Murray and Deb's Helsdon

Foot note - The above Blog about an expedition along the Cornish coastline, is independent from Coastal Spirit and aims to highlight what others are doing out there.  Through coaching, support and encouragement from Coastal Spirit.  Thanks, Roger

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