Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sweden - the next 4 days Coaching

On my day off we headed into Stockholm for a wander, coffee and lunch and ABBA the Museum!!  It was a different sort of day from my norm, but enjoyable.  And what an attractive city Stockholm is!

Clean and dried kit, and another sunshine start ... perfect!  This next team was made up of, Matts, Adendesh, Johanna, Anna, Ovee and Ann - plus Clara and Hawken.  I had paddled with Johanna the previous year and met Ann, may be 4/5 years ago.  It was good catch up with both of them.  

The focus of the next four days was similar, with a greater leadership and incident management focus.

Over above had made his own Greenland paddle as well as his own wooden sea kayak.  And if thats not impressive enough he had also paddled the entire Swedish coastline, with both items.  A journey of over 2000km.  A great achievement ...

It was now becoming very clear to me the Swedish, know how to life outdoors.  Lunch was always a hot meal and evenings were nice and extended.  It also explained why they tended to paddle bigger kayaks!!

We managed over all to escape the main rain and winds which pushed through on a couple of the nights.  So the days were largely dry.

On the last day after 3 previous days of Coaching, discussion and exploring of techniques.  The group was merged into two main teams and the decision was for a leader to be set various incident management tasks, by the group.  The leader was unaware of the various tasks, so as to provide an element of surprise and pressure.  The leader then rotated so all had an opportunity.

It had been another super four days, with great people.  Thanks once again for your welcome and a BIG thanks to Clara and Hawken for organising the courses and looking after me so well.


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