Friday, 9 October 2015

Surfing, Tiderace's and Dolphins!!

 Flavio was over again from Switzerland for a few days coaching before the 4* Leader training.  With a good swell running we focused on surfing, bringing all those skills together, with the excitement of the ride.  The waves gently rolled in and as skills developed we moved further right, to the steeper waves.

Two other paddlers arrived, who were Mark and Amanda out for the day.  Apparently Rhoscolyn had some flow but no waves ... come and join us here then, was my reply!!

On the way back to Rhoscolyn, we nipped out to the Beacon to see if there was any change and then headed back in to wrap up the day.

With NW winds strengthening overnight, a fair swell was running into Trearddur Bay and we were soon amongst the waves.  These waves had more power ...  Flavio was really getting the idea of leaning, using the body to make the boat work for you ...

And as its likely at some point we did some back surfing ....  as the surf began to drop off, we headed along the coast towards Porth Dafach, in some good moderate conditions.

Day 3,  I was now keen to put the well honed beach surfing back in to a tidal environment.  harry Furlongs race, with a SW was nice and protected and on a neap would give us enough to play with.  Eddy turns, with low brace and carved, then maintaining position in the flow ...

 Out to West Mouse and then on around Carmell Head and time to take in some lunch ....

Not a bad lunch spot, looking across to the Skerries ....

Day 4 and the aim was Point Lynas, with a F4 SW forecast, we could build on the previous day and put some rescues into the mix too.  However, while taking the kayaks off a nice couple said we've just seen these, as the guy showed me a photo he had taken on his camera.  Its a dolphin and looks like it could be a Risso's Dolphin ... they, were about 1 mile out close to a boat, which was observing them and just west of East Mouse.

We ran down on the ebbing tide and sat and watch a pod of around 10-14, with a few younger ones in the midst.  They were slowly moving around not bothered by us or the boat, which had its engine ticking over.  Two guys on the boat were taking photos of the dorsal fins for records.

We slowly followed them as they moved closer to the coast and I'd say it was just over rate hour we shared there company.  The pod came in about 80 meters from the cliffs and then started moving out again, occasionally slapping their tails.  It was a totally magic moment, a first for Flavio and the longest Ive been with a pod for.

Apparently Risso Dolphins are closer to Whales, they have a flat front forehead and are deep water feeders.  Squid and Octopus are what they love but they will go for whats also about.

Last weekend a rare sighting of around 50 Risso Dolphins were sighted on Anglesey, by the sea watch foundation.

Full of smiles, WOWs and how amazing was that, comments we headed into Bull Bay for some lunch  ...


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