Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Chile and the 3rd South Pacific Sea Kayaking Symposium

To have been invited back in 2013 to the first Sea Kayak Symposium in South America, was very special.  Two years later and having just finished the 3rd SKPS I feel very privileged, to be part of a great coaching team, with a well organised event and to work with the wonderful Chilean people.

The first two events had been in November and this year, the 4 days were moved to December.  We had 3 super sunny days, although the Patagonian wind was still present on two of those days, the venue of Chaihuin provided suitable shelter and challenge.

Our first evening in Chaihuin, was very special and the local community were the food is served produced a cocktail buffet of local produce.  The time, effort and love each had put into the preparation was clear.  Many thanks.

The Great team of Eduardo Saldias, Jorge Muller Roberto Saldias (with the cap).

The first morning as sea kayaks arrived (high proportion of P&H) and were unloaded was colourful and my sessions for the 4 days ranged from Rough Water Rescues, Coastal Navigation and Tidal Paddling - practical and Rock Gardening x2 days.

I let the photos below tell there story ....

Paulo and his Rockpool Taran 16, who was my super interpreter for 2 days.  Many thanks my friend, it was hugely appreciated.

Working with James from Anglesey, UK (one on the left)  was great and we had some good conditions for the rock gardening.  The before, as the wave hits and ...

The after ....

My final day was working with Nick (from Anglesey, UK) and who's Spanish has really developed - nice one fella.  The day although bright and sunny had a stronger wind and a bigger swell was running.   Areas to work were chosen carefully!! It was also good to be working with students earlier in the week and to see their progress ....

After a fantastic surprise evening meal, in a beautiful venue - a wooden shack in the woods, with a big fire pit.  An Asado was cooked for us all.  This is a traditional Chilean bar b que of a sheep slowly cooked on a big spit.  It was so delicious and a really special end to the event.  Once again, I had left my camera behind, so no pictures, sorry!!

The next morning we said our good byes, as a few of the coaching team were going straight to the airport.  While the rest of us travelled back the hostel in Valdivia.  I'll write another Blog soon about my travels and adventures in Chile, but for now a BIG thanks to  and the super friendly people of Chile, for such a wonderful time.  

Ciao, gracias.



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