Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sea Kayaking North Wales - 3 Star train/assessment

North coast of Anglesey, Bull Bay to Cemaes, with a top end F4 NE forecast. The strangest thing happened, as we paddled out from Bull Bay the wind died to F2, but the swell stayed with us and was solid sea state F3 and occasionally more. Some surfing and turning as we journeyed along the coast line. A rescue scenario was then set up in the middle of the bay and then lunch at the brick works.

Next we paddled into hells mouth, initially giving the headland a wide berth due to current and swell and a confused sea state and then worked towards a semi sheltered cove in the back left hand side of the bay (video above is Pat leaving that cove, with Ian bobbing out their!). Out and across to middle mouse in the last hour of the ebb, a porpoise passed us by, and then cutting back across, with a rescue and some towing on the way. Rolling, self rescues in the shelter of the first bay and then on to the main beach with some fine surfing to finish with. A super day in North Wales!

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