Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sea Kayaking North Wales - The Skerries

The Skerries lies some 3 k, off from Carmell Head and seeing that I hadn't been out there this year yet, It was my day off and all looked good for a super day. I left Church Bay, on the last two hours of the flood, explored the may caves on the way to Carmel head and then at Ynys y Fydlyn set out on a ferry glide

I was greeted on my arrival by thousands of Arctic Terns and a few Puffins. I landed by the old steps and had some lunch. One of the wardens came down and invited me up to see the birds, I must admit at the time I thought I was seeing them, that is until we walked around to the other side of the light house. Apparently there is around 3200 nesting pairs, with 3000 being Arctic and 200 being Common Terns.

The island never disappoints, and during a year I may be lucky to paddle out 4-5 times, June and July have to be the best, due to the Terns. By mid to late August the young are likely to have flown the nest and have started their long journey home.

I paddled to the North of the island, had a brief play and then started my journey back across. On arriving at Church Bay, I checked the time the Lobster Pot opened. With an hour to go I decided to have a lay down in the sun, and later enjoyed a bowl of Anglesey mussels, sea food paella, all washed down with a cool glass of white wine. After all it was my day off!

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