Sunday, 4 July 2010

Discover Sea Kayaking North Wales

This weekend we had 3 people on a Discover Sea Kayaking course, with very mixed conditions. Katie and Tom are above and just about to enter a cave, on the North Coast of Anglesey on a super sunny although breezy day. We saw a couple of seals, terns diving and some amazing lions maine jelly fish.

Sunday was really quite different day and as the Met Office put it "some unseasonably strong winds were due". With a forecast of F7, gusting F8 (approx 47mph) and rain we headed inland to Llanberis and Llyn Padarn. Tony is above, working in one of the sheltered coves were we did allot of work on various horizontal turning strokes and stern rudders. We then put it all into context by paddling in and out of the lagoons and then moving up the lake and into the centre, before turning and running down wind, with a following sea.
We finished the day with Teas and Cappuccinos in the Caban, reflecting on the two days and what had been achieved. As I type this now, the sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the sun shining like its been doing it all day, 3 seasons in one day!

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