Monday, 19 July 2010

Swelly wave, chickens and rough water handling

Was out last Tuesday evening with Justine Curvengen & Barry Shaw for a surf and play on Swelly Wave. Super evening, although after a day on the water, I new about it next morning!

Above is Rosie one of our chickens (well Sonjas really), from South America, quite small and lays blue eggs, completely crazy and very broody at the moment. Great fun on a day off to watch them going about their business.

On the weekend I was contracted in to work for Plas Y Brenin, on a rough water handling course, following a phone call on Thursday afternoon, due to one of their coaches damaging his back. Super weekend with a paddle out around Point Lynas and over to Ynis Dulas and then back on the early ebb, for a ride through the race and self rescues and rolls in the bay. The following day was a journey down the Straits as it blowed F6, with occasional gusts at F7!

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