Monday, 21 February 2011

Sea kayak courses - Xplore inter-mediate sea kayaking

This weekends sea kayaking course was our Xplore, and the first for the year. Mixed conditions were found which provided a lot to work with and good variety. Ive got the photos back to front again, so what you see next are the end of the day photos leading to the start of the day!

There was a big swell running in Treadour bay when we drove past, so the plan was changed and we got on , paddling to Porth Diana for some turning work and putting this into context around the rocky inlets, reading conditions, positioning and timing. We then headed beyond Ravens Point were we turned and work back for 200 mts using stern rudders and getting a feel for it, before turning around again.

We paddled on further to a small bay to land and had some lunch before returning to Treadour. The wind over lunch had drooped and back at Treadour we were left with small, well formed gentle swell, which was perfect for surfing and experimenting with stern rudders. Low and high, push and pull and subtle emerged blade angle. I ended with over 200 shots so choosing what to put on was difficult!

Shimim taking a super turn, with good support, having enjoyed a surf in.

Gary experimenting with a low angle stern rudder.

Jon really throwing some good off side edge, good body rotation and a high angle stern rudder.

Jon enjoying the shorter boat, coming down and planning to leave the wave.

Pat earlier in the day getting some air on the way out of a slot.

Ravens point with a big swell and the back eddy with wind against tide, (five people in the picture)

Heading out at the start of the day.

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