Monday, 21 February 2011

Xplore inter-mediate sea kayaking courses

2nd day of our inter mediate sea kayaking course for Sue, Shamim and Gary. East coast Anglesey and Point Lynas for some further rough water. Plan was to head out to Yni's Dulas on the last of the flood and return on the ebb, after the big push of the current had gone through.

Gary warming up with some rock gardening.

Sue heading out across one of the small bays. What was also interesting was that the ebb had begun 1hr earlier than expected, although slight.

As we paddled further along the coast the wind and swell was picking up, with significant back eddy flow out of each of the bays. We turned around and headed back, before the point really pick up.

Sue keeping calm as a wave snarls at her stern!

Back to the start for some lunch and a brief review. We then went back out in the bay to work with the swell and turns, considering the use of the environment to help, such as tops of swell, were is the wind coming from (so trimming boat with body) and if one way seems more logical but difficult have a go turning the other way.

A walk up to the head land, 4 hours into the ebb, provided a useful perspective, before hot chocolates and a brief reflection on the day, at Moelfre.

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