Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Storm Gathering - SG6 2011 - Anglesey, North Wales

Well the weekend lived up to the name and many Storms Gathered!!

A few of us at Treadour Bay left hand side, enjoying and bright start.

I was running an Incident Management day, so be built up to the bigger stuff, although this meant we were more open to the full strength of the wind. Julie, Mike and Nick were on advanced skills of sea kayaking incident management, so I was keen to put them into gentle increasing conditions ... so reducing the likely hood of a real situation!!

We took a break for so surfing in the bay and some time out ... Mike getting a good run in ..

Julie having a good run in and preparing for the turn ...

I spent best part of the day looking for a safe and suitable place to do a rocky landing ... the photo as often ... doesn't really give it any justice, but a reasonable swell and rising tide was running ...

Towards the end of the day an all in rescue wrapped up the day ...

The 2nd day I was on Leadership skills and back into Treadour bay, initially calmer but it soon picked up ... looking at CLAP ... Communication ... Line of Sight ...Avoid ... Position of Maximum Usefulness and applying this in a practical sense in a number of short leadership sections.

Towards the end of the day a larger scenario was given to the group to manage to its completion ...

Super event, well managed by Mark Tozer and great seeing Beat from Switzerland and Francesco from Sicily. Latter in the week they both have booked on their 4* leader assessment sea .. I wish you well!!

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