Friday, 14 October 2011

Sea kayaking North Wales - Improve ...intro mediate skills

With Keith, John and Jen on our Improve sea kayaking course and a week of varied weather and strong winds for the first day we set off for Llyn Padarn, and the mountains of Snowdonia, a 20 minute drive from the boat yard.

This provide a super start with refreshing skills of edging and leaning, stern rudders and effective forward paddling.

Day 2 and on to the Menai Straits and with the winds due to drop we did a journey from Menai bridge to Beaumaris.

Introducing ferry glides, eddy turns and working in more swell.

Day 3 and some sun shine! ... This time the North coast and Bull Bay and the brick works, working with paddling in current and swell and a small race.

Lunch at the brick works and some super sunshine

The boys, John and Keith.

John paddling into the eddy after his 1st time paddling through swift current ...

Keith taking some air and riding it out successfully ...

One of the caves along the North coast, in the back of the bay.

The 4th day was a journey to Puffin Island and merits its own account!!

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