Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Achievements, photos & reflections from 2011

I would like to take this moment to say a BIG thanks to those who have chosen and paddled with Coastal Spirit in 2011 and would like to share some significant achievements that individuals have made, with us and beyond ... plus a few of my favourite photos. These are from November, through to Jan 2011 and I hope you enjoy them ...

The following achievements come in no order and apologies if ive missed you out!

Gary for achieving his 3 star sea, completing the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP) Award and a successful Coastal Spirit expedition round Anglesey in 3.5 days. Gary also has achieved a number of other 3 star awards, through his canoe club and has started arranging and planning his own trips ... nice one.

Keith for achieving his 2 star, managing a significant paddle to the Skerries and back and for his continued focus

Tracy & Andy for a significant paddle to the Skerries and back, plus have begun planning their own paddles and managing difficult seas

John for achieving his 3 star sea, completing 4 star sea leader training, CNTP and a Coastal Spirit expedition round Anglesey in 3.5 days, plus buying him self a sea kayak ... even if it was Sonjas blue Romany s!

Taran for achieving his 3 star sea with us and going on to a successful 4 star leader assessment, 5 star leader training and I believe has the 5 star sea leader assessment booked for early 2012. We wish you well. Its also worth highlighting his successful solo paddle of the welsh coastline, although thwarted by wild weather he managed to come back at latter stages to continue his journey, nice 1.

Craig & Julie for planning their own paddles, which includes a successful paddle round Anglesey.

Pat for his determination and achievement of the 3 star sea award, despite the distance.

Paul for achieving the 3 star sea, 4 star leader training, CNTP and a super 1000k paddle round Wales. He plans to paddle round the UK in 2012, we wish them well and you can follow here

To the Ladies who Launch and to Cherry for organising a super few days, for a 2nd year

Di for good paddling form, up beat personality with our 1000k paddle round Wales, her super article Eat. Sleep. Paddle. and achieving the L3 canoe training and moderate water award

Having provided their training over a year ago, congratulations to Beat from Switzerland, Mikael from Sweden and Francesco from Sicily for achieving the 4 star sea leader (at the anglesey storm gathering)

Sue for her effort and extending herself with over 750k achieved paddling round Wales

Sonja for learning to roll and achieving the 3 star sea award and L2 coach award UKCC (with another provider).

And to many others who have chosen to take up sea kayaking and have moved away from the shore, we look forward to coaching and guiding you on your journey in 2012.

I would also like to thank both Pete from Summit to Sea and Phil from Surf-lines for their support in 2011 and I look forward to working with you both again in 2012. To Justine for the involvement in the forthcoming rolling dvd and Olly with an expedition skills dvd, thanks.

And lastly my thanks go to Lance, of Mitchell Blades who are sponsoring me in 2012 ... happy days!

See you on the water,


roger chandler
L5 coach - sea

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  1. Looks like you've had a busy year. I had a fab time doing my three star with you, your coaching advice certainly expanded my toolbox & made me a better kayaker evan if I was a reluctant roller (LOL).
    I've a feeling your gonna be evan busier next year.

    Happy Xmas, Taran :)