Monday, 26 December 2011

Into wind ... a Christmas eve paddle on the Straits

F6/7 SW was the forecast and following texts and a brief conversation with Justine and Barry a paddle on the Straits from Gallows point to Y Felinheli and back seemed a reasonable option ... Sonja and myself picked up our kayaks on the way across and met them in the lay-by.

It was windy, but more like F4/5 as we got on and attempted to find a rhythm ...

We cut closer in as we approached Menai Bridge and saw loads of Oyster Catchers, a few Herons and Egrets.

Past Britannia Bridge we picked up on some good wind against tide and rougher water ...

The last k or so was more open and we felt the force of the wind, but with the Garddfon Inn at
our half way mark at least we had something to look forward to ... the 4 of us with cags and dry suits dripping were fully welcomed and a log fire was lit ... 4 super hot chocolates and 2 bowls of chips latter ... (it is Christmas after all) we were ready to get the 1400 tide back up and enjoy the wind behind us ...

Sonja enjoying our down wind run ...

Justine and Bangor Pier in the distance ...

It took about 1 .5 hours to get back, and the day light was beginning to fade, although the rain and wind was increasing ... now to find a suitable landing point ... we paddled just around Gallows Point, to the steeper ground and found solid ground to land on and just in time as the wind was now a strong F5/6 and making carrying the kayaks difficult!

We were soon loaded and back to Menai Bridge for a quick Christmas drink in the recently renovated and just open Liverpool Arms ... happy days and a Happy Christmas to all!

See Justines blog of the day here
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  1. NIce to see you in good shape Roger and Sonja!
    A big hug, gianfranco

  2. Seems to have been really nice. The hot chocolate and some pints of the real stuff add to a wonderful day on the sea.
    Greetings to all of you. Mikael

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. All the best, Chris.