Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blue Sky Surfing ....

I had received a text on Sunday night, from Barry Shaw who said he'd been in contact with Phil Clegg and surf was looking good for the following morning, was i interested ....!!

I do love my job, lets face it ... even at this time of the year there's magic days out on the sea.  I do love getting out my self and playing, experimenting and keeping my skills and ability sharp.  Some shuffling round with boats and a short surf board for Phil, coffee and off to Rhosneigr, and Broad Beach.

As we drove across I was beginning to feel the excitement and anticipation.  The Wind Guru website said 1.7 mt, 14 sec swell interval and with a gentle offshore breeze, the forecast was looking perfect!

Barry taking a few waves in the Gemini SP and Phil, just making sure he's not the target ...!!

Phil above and Barry running hard and fast ...

Barry popping his head out the other side ... and below Me in the Tiderace Xtra HV, considering going right .... and committing...

It was a super Spring blue sky day, with great clean surf, friends, fun and hot chocolates to finish with.  Lets see what we can do next week!!


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  1. Looks superb Roger ! If anyone can source me a few hundred sticks of dynamite...I'm planning to create a surf beach on Bardsey....quite a few bit of rock to shift though !