Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I love Tuesdays like these ...

Chatting with Justine and Barry on Sunday night, Tuesday's forecast was looking good for Rhosneigr and this time at the beach behind the dunes (wear the guy sells the wetsuits in the summer).  I had Olly Sander's P&H Aires and I was determined to make the most of it while he's working in Scotland.  

From the beach it really didn't look much, but occasionally a break appeared and I was excited to get on and have a play, what ever.  Phil Clegg was on his short surf board, Barry had his Avocet sea kayak and Justine was in a surf kayak

This time i was working on less speed to remain on the top of the swell, before committing to a side too run down and keeping my body more forward, particularly at impact!

Justine below coming towards us (with top blade blocking her face) and about to use the pile to cut back ...

Barry maintain super position on the lip, before hard cutting down the face ... and serious commitment to the turn ...

I then started to play about with outside edge, high stern rudder on a diagonal run ... and more of my body forward ...

Phil below and Justine paddling back out ...

It was a magic five hours and when we stopped, we all realised how hungry we were!  Big thanks to both Barry and Phil for the photos of me.  Until next time ...I can't wait!!!

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  1. you look great, I wish.... :)
    Here it is high season for BC skiing and snowshoe :)