Sunday, 31 March 2013

Surf's Up ...

With a forecast of 4-5ft surf, a 15 sec interval between waves, a light off shore wind and sunshine.  It just had to be done and Broad Beach, Rhosneigr, Anglesey was the destination.  It it been about 5 weeks since our last magic day out sea kayak surfing and I was keen to work some moves and explore others.  It had just had 4 super clients over from Dublin for the last 3 days, so this weather window was perfect for my play time.  Whats more both Justine and Barry where on for a surf.  

Justine headed off with her surf kayak to look for steeper waves, where most of the other short and long board suffers, SUP boards, surf ski and surf kayaker's were.  I was pleased that I could avoid all of that and for a good hour Barry and myself had open water.

The morning was spectacular, with warm sunshine (while paddling and active), stunning views and quality waves.

This is Barry below aiming for the 'green room' and these are the photos which follow the original facebook shot ... I'll let the photos tell the tale ...

I had decided to leave the 'green room' for another day ...and maybe another life!  It was the third day that I was back paddling the Tiderace Xtra and I was keen to refresh my skills.  I like to think about what i want to achieve, from a personal session.  Today I was working with changing direction while on the run, through using inside edge, high angle stern rudder and looking where I wanted to go (with my shoulders) ...

After a super 2/3 hours sea kayak surfing, all that was needed now was a big mug of hot chocolate ... perfect!


roger chandler

Thanks to Barry for the photos of me.

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