Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Skerries ... a bespoke paddle

Rich and Douglas were up for a days bespoke sea kayaking and following the theme of moving towards greater in-dependence, they both created a plan the evening before.  Over a coffee it was great to hear the various options and taking advantage of the super weather.  The Skerries is an advanced trip so paddlers and conditions need to just right, like they were.  Timings were tight for one vehicle, but out from Church bay with the last of the Flood and then back crossing with the ebb, would work.

As we drove across the island we hit a number of fog patches ... and thankfully these cleared as we got closer to our start point.  We worked efficiently with the portage and were soon on heading out to use the last of the flood.

Rich on the left (blue) and Douglas on the right ... as we got into the journey we started to pick up some swell, the last of the wind across tide ...

Lunch at the room at the top and a stunning view of our changing surroundings ... and even time to read the paper!!

Before leaving we did some rough water work

And then headed off towards the platters (a shallow area mid way across the channel) .. one of the calm upwelling of water ... before more bounce.

Satisfied and tired we loaded the van and headed back to Menai Bridge, for hot chocolates and a reflection on a classic day.


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