Sunday, 25 August 2013

Introduction to Sea Kayaking - a Bank Holiday weekend ...

This weekends Introduction to sea kayaking saw Paola and Peter independently booking on the two days, with Glynis who has  paddled before joining us for the Sunday.

I was keen to begin with a calm surface so the West side of the Menai Straits was perfect, no wind blown swell, although boat traffic was busy and swell from them!  And below were going through a dry land assisted rescue.

Work on turns and forward paddling was the focus, and putting into a short journey ...

Day 2 and sunshine ... it was a F3 northerly wind with a bit of East in it so Cable Bay, was chosen again to reduce the swell and the main effect of the wind ... plus  access which was likly to be better and less Jet Ski's!!

We did some good down wind circuits using the stern rudder and in preparation for our return journey. Plus blending strokes from - forward power, sweep stoke to stern rudder and then back to power ...

The 2nd beach we landed at had a gentle swell pushing in which was perfect for us to use  ....with the aim of controlling a successful landing.  It was great to feel the sun but that Northerly breeze was cool!

We had our 2nd break and then we were back on a paddling round a headland to Cable Bay, where we had begun.  Certainly a mixture of conditions, ever changing, beautiful colours and one of the reasons I love sea kayaking ...


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