Friday, 23 August 2013

This last week - IntroMediate Sea kayaking Course and 3 Star Assessment.

The week began with a 3 day IntroMediate sea kayaking course for Helen and Neil and we had just the right sort of condition, wind, sunshine more wind, some rain and then lots of sunshine coupled with a big Spring tide ...

Working with BODY and looking at being efficient and effective ... enjoy ...

Zoe joined us for a day as part of my commitment to those who have completed their 4 star leader training with Coastal Spirit, each person proving they are up to speed is entitled to a number of days observation and assistance on a Coastal Spirit course.

Llyn Padarn on the third day so we could really get a grip of the boats, various turns, static draws and on the move, plus more stern rudders ... and some fun and balance.  Great for tuning one into the pressure and movement of self/boat.

The final day was about putting it all into a new and more dynamic context and Puffin Island with light winds was looking good to really work ferry glides, eddy turns and some generally rough water handling checking out the locals ....

Great few days and super progress, well done to both Helen and Neil.

Friday saw me out with Nigel for his 3 star sea performance assessment and with a windier S night some swell was moving about and Rhoscolyn was our location.  That was after some tidal planning for Nigel ...

Some gentle warming up and working with stern rudders, on the edge of the bay ... and then moving into a moderate sea.  With 1 hour to go before slack water the far end of the Beacon was ideal and Nigel was working well and caught a couple of runs.

A paddle float self rescue in the calm and then into a couple of foot swell, and in the bag!

A roll in calm water, some towing and putting me back into my boat and a couple of other tasks, saw Nigel reach a good pass on his 3 star assessment.

Happy days ....


Intromediate sea kayak course
3 star sea assessment

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