Monday, 30 September 2013

Intermediate plus sea kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

Tracy, Andy, Douglas, Rich and Gareth were this weekends Intermediate Plus sea kayak course, and the winds and swell made for some exciting conditions.  

After coffee's and planning we headed off to Rhoscolyn as the wind was due to pick up from the east to F5 and swell was forecast at about 0.6/7 mt.  Focus was on Body and being efficient with strokes  ...

The beacon had a lot of big chunky swell, but small amount of current so we headed to Silver Bay, looking for some surf ... we found it and due to its angle (looking in) the left hand side was smaller while centre was medium and right was ugly!!

We finished with some work in the current channel speed through a leaned turn and a couple of exciting paddles through rocky channels ....

Sunday and with a F5/6 wind forecast at Amlych we headed for the Straits, for eddy turns, ferry glides, contact tows and possible surfing ...  It was much gentler than expected and on a neap time, we had just enough to work with ...

After lunch either the wind picked up or more likely, changed direction  ... which would mean some wind against tide and a rougher  sea state :))

We headed back to the slipway at Menai Bridge and the main channel had a super wave chain .... which we ran a few times and with Douglas and Andy, choosing  to go for a roll.

Olly Sanders was also working in the area with a couple of clients ....  It was a top finish and what id been looking for.

Drinks at Dylan's and a reflection over the weekend wrapped up another super day. Smiling faces and tired bodies, said it all ...


sea kayak north wales
north wales sea kayaking

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