Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mull sea kayaking course and holiday - days 3-5

The roads on Mull, take time and travelling from the North to the South and in particularly to Carsaig Bay, took a solid 2 hours ... :(

We were greeted by a sea eagle, in the distance and looking along this coast brought back a mix of memories, mainly good!  Its a stunning coastline and an eagles dream ...

The plan was to have a shorter day out to Carsaig Arch, about 15k total and work as one group, with a there and back route.  The winds were F4/5 NW so we were hoping for some shelter from the cliffs but also expecting some down draughts.

The Carsaig Arch 2nd photo above from the sea and a lunch spot on the rocks before returning with a good wind on our backs and a Golden eagle sighting high up, soaring off the cliffs ..

And a super 3 course meal served up from Sedge, front left and Kath on the right.

Wednesday saw us out of Tobermory in two small teams, with a shorter route and a longer route on to the north coast.  Again we saw a close sea eagle and otter magnet Jon had a close encounter only a metre or so away ...

Thursday was our rest day and a few took boats down on to the beach as the wind blew in and surfed while other walked, drank coffee, read books and used the saunas that each house had.  We had also booked in at Am Birlinn and they offered a mini bus shuttle.  Happy days for one and all.  Great service and top food.

Friday in two small groups saw a shorter journey from Dervaig and back and a longer one form Calgary to Dervaig.  The first part of the journey had 2 -3ft swell left over from the previous day and with low lying reefs it provided some excitement.  Otters were seen at Dervaig and a sea eagle at the west side at the entrance of the Loch.


On the return back to our accommodation, showers, packing and the stages of preparing a joint buffet finish went into action and what a top meal it was.

Its been our first quality accommodation sea kayaking holiday and what feels like a great start. So thanks for your initial feedback.  Watch out for a repeat of Mull 2014 as well as the new additions of Sicily the full package and Skye 2014.


Mull sea kayaking holiday
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