Sunday, 27 October 2013

Getting to the Pacific ...

Today my aim was to get a bus to the Pacific Ocean and a small village called Niebla about 17k away and for 500 peso what a bargain (about 60p). I don't tend to do public transport as I've often got a kayak on the roof or a mtb in the back of the van, so my comfort zone was feeling stretched.

A walk down a short track and I was treated to this stunning view ... There was also a few pelicans drifting about to the right so I headed across. 

I sat and watched them for a hour or so, layer out on some flat rocks .. It's all about acclimatisation, isn't it?

Then headed on to the next beach round another small headland and I was treated to a small arch in a rock pillar ...

It was early afternoon and I was getting hungry and I fancied my chances of improving on the previous days food ordering and at the same time making sure I ordered no shellfish (due to reaction I had in Ireland, which I think was down do eating a fish chowder).  So Salmon with spicy mash potato and a beer ... Whoop, whoop happy days and it was all delicious. 


I wandered back to the road and where I had walked on to the beach at the start of the day. It was now busier than before, It was hot and a swell was running which was dumping from time to time ...

I got a bottle of water and a ice cream, an essential element of acclimatisation and looked for the likely location that the number 20 would stop at for my return journey. 10 mins and I was back on a bus heading for Valdiva and happy with my days exploration. 

James Manke from Vancouver Island, Canada has just arrived at the hostel after a 16 hour or so flight. I'm sure it's just about to busier here ...

I came across a really interesting Blog which ringed true for me and it was about discomfort. Traveling to a Country where I speak very little to no Spanish, has felt uncomfortable at times, a different sort of challenge and also exciting. Having time and no schedule I feel has helped me to set the pace and adjust. Ordering the wrong meal  was ok, in fact I smiled and Iaughed. 

North Wales sea kayaking 

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