Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bespoke sea kayaking course's

Its been a busy week of Bespoke sea kayaking course's for individuals and a group of eight.  Last week saw me out with Julian and with a light wind forecast and some rough water  wanted we set off for The Skerrie's, an island of the NW of Anglesey.  A couple of puffins were spotted, but no terns on the island as yet  ... and loads of grey seals basking in the sunshine.  

It was really good to see the time that Julian had put into getting out was paying off, as he managed a couple of ferry glides and turns in the rough water ...  focus was on dropping down the gears to increase speed and acceleration ...

Glynis has booked on a Scottish sea kayaking holiday, with another company and was keen to put some mileage down, in preparation and we looked at being efficient and effective with forward paddling, edged turns and stern rudders.  Emphasis was on BODY, Boat and blade ...

We finished of the day on the Straits, with a couple of down wind circuits, working back up into wind, trimming body forward to weight the bow and anchor it.   Plus a smooth and quick application of the stern rudder, so as to correct and maintain forward speed.  15k latter and a refection over a hot chocolate, Glynis was certainly in a good place ...

Colin had been the organiser of this group of eight, all from the same village. Each year the group chose a challenge to complete.  This year it was a walk up Snowdon, a 40k bike ride and sea kayaking on the Menai Straits.  After a couple of hours skills training (and a dip!) .... we set off just after slack water so we had gentle flow behind us, through 'The Swellies' ...

The guys looked fairly happy so we pulled out of the main flow and then started back up, attempting to surf the sea kayaks in the waves ... lots of whoops and smiles ... and only one swim!

Bespoke is private to you, as an individual wanting to fast track and gain more from my focused attention and feedback or a couple or group wanting something specific.  Its your day or weekend, set at your pace and addresses your wants and needs ...

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