Tuesday, 27 May 2014

IntroMediate Sea Kayaking Course - Anglesey, North Wales

IntroMediate sea kayaking is about moving on those skills into a more dynamic environment.  Whether that's swell, current, surf or wind and some times all of the above!!  The emphasis is based on a gentle approach and introduction.  

Glynis was in preparation for a longer  sea kayaking holiday in Scotland with another company, so was keen to continue with be effective and efficient and Guy was keen to really get a feel for what sea kayaking was about and what the island holds. 

Working on outside edge turns and being efficient and then as we had the chance .. some reversing into a long narrow gully

And one of my favourite caves on the island due to the atmosphere (there's always some swell rumbling into the cave) and the dragon was quite subdued today!!

Then after lunch we worked our way back on inside turns and through the rock gardens ...

Sunday and a more settled forecast, we headed out to Puffin Island hoping for some seal action .. and more flow ...

Puffin Island is what looks like the headland on the end.

We pulled in to a bay before the main headland as guy was trying a different sea kayak and worked on eddy turns, using inside turn/low brace and carved turns - by using good edge and lean, while keeping the power on to achieve the turn.

The seals were out but a little shy and quickly disappeared ...

Well I got a cave, a gully and a light house on camera and both experienced some rougher water water and made some good turns and progressed well.  The sun came out and all in all it was a good weekend!

The next IntroMediate sea kayaking course is:  9-11th June and the 2/3rd August.  Both courses are going ahead and currently have places on.  Email me on info@coastalspirit.com for more information or to book your place ...

Thanks,  Roger

Level 5 Coach Sea

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