Tuesday, 9 December 2014

5 Star Leader Training - Advanced Sea Kayaking North Wales, Anglesey.

My personal planning could have been much better on this one, as i had only been home 16 hours and I into a 5 star leader training course.  Thankfully the air temperature was  mild.

Tavi, Gary, Pat and Julie were on the course and each had created a potential paddle plan.  With the winds a F4 from the SW and an ebbing tide, the Skerries would provide some good conditions.  We worked on a few tasks at Harry Furlongs rocks such as rolling, self rescues and assisted, contact tows and the n paddled out, hoping between each Cardinal mark.  It was a good opportunity to look at transits and leadership positioning as we went.

After a few minutes of arriving at the island, Tavi mentioned if it was possible to have a few minutes for lunch.  I was slightly puzzled, as i wasn't hungry and conditions were currently good and we would loose the current.  On looking at my watch I realised it was 1500 and the previous 4 weeks i had been in Chile ... yep I was working on an earlier time zone of 3 hour's ... sorry team!! 

After a good lunch, we headed back in the last of the light and the navigation and leadership sections continued into the night ....  It was a magic sunset and it felt great to be back home ... ;)

The following day we set out for North Stack, looking for bigger conditions and we got them ...

Tavi and Gary below buddying each other ... for rolling and self rescues ...

After some lunch (at an appropriate time today!) we went through in line towing and paddled on back towards Trearddur Bay.  Close to the small island called the fort, we went through individual rocky landings and Gary below, managed a super one ...

The next 5 star leader training course is on the 7/8th March, with the Open Water Navigation and Tidal planning  (OWNTP), the day before on the 6th March.  This is the minimum requirement and two further days have been added 9/10th March, if individuals want more practise and to experience different contexts.  Details can be found towards the bottom of the page, here.


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