Monday, 15 December 2014

Stollen Aries 155

Some of you may remember that back in early August 2014, my Aries 155 made by P+H Custom Sea Kayaks was stollen form the roof of my van.   It was parked on my drive at the time, a rural location and a quiet village where we had lived for over 7 years.  

The Aries 155 hasn't turned up yet and its fairly unique in colour.  Light grey hull, dark grey trim, cockpit coaming and P+H deck logo and then an orange deck.  It had the North Water paddle breeches on the bow, plus a Kokatat storm jacket and a horizon vhf radio, which i'd left in the day hatch.

The serial code was XJBP55551313 - this would be on the manufactures identification plate inside the kayak cockpit area.  Although, Im sure there would be no plate or the serial code would have been removed.

With the end of year coming closer and the likely bargains in the New Year, I ask that you keep your eyes open for this kayak.    If you think you've seen it then either email me on or call me on +44 7873 132999 or call the police and quote the original crime reference number : R120143.

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