Monday, 23 March 2015

Bespoke Sea Kayaking Anglesey, North Wales.

Bespoke sea kayaking can really enable you to achieve what you need and want.  In a much shorter time scale, because the day is dedicated to you and set at your pace .. just imagine that!

A good example is Andrew below, who having done the new Introduction to Sea Kayaking course last summer, really got the bug and booked on two further discounted Bespoke days at the end of last year (due to the £20 saving on each course) and after the Winter off  he was keen as mustard to get back on the water.  Working in wind, swell and gentle current was the focus and as you can see below, with photo 2 and 3 there was a fair swell running!

The sun came out and created some super light ... and then for an introduction for some tide race surfing ... We finished reflecting back on the day and Andrew started talking about different sea kayaks and buying his own paddle kit.   Its highly likely if Andrew continues the way he has begun he will have achieved what he set out, to become - independent!

Andrew above at Rhoscolyn beacon getting to grips with some gentle tide race surfing ....

Becky below is back after 18 months off to have a child!  Becky was originally due to paddle around Skye on the Rapid Development eXpedition (RDX) in 2013, but announced she was pregnant.  It was good to see her and catch up and she came with two paddling plans and expressed her desire to paddle around Anglesey solo this summer.

We had a light wind forecast for the day and the decision to paddle to the Skerries, which Becky had planned, was an easy one ...

We played on the edge of Harry Furlongs race first, warming up the skills and enjoying the gentle waves.  Then headed out to the various cardinal marks, to shape a course out to the Skerries, a small island off the NW corner of Anglesey.  It was great to see clearly Becky was enjoying being in her kayak again.  It was another top day, with glorious sunshine ....

Bespoke coaching is available during the week and will often involve some video work if its felt this will assist an individuals progress and feedback.  Photos are a part of any course and allow some memories to be captured and shared with others at home.  Be warned your often set home work, to work on towards the next session ... this way you also get more form the course and experience!

So if you want to progress your skills and get closer to becoming independent as Andrew does or have a specific goal as Becky does to paddle solo around Anglesey.  Bespoke sea kayaking hits the mark and WILL enable you through support, coaching, guidance, training and feedback to achieve what you set out for.  You need to apply the time, commitment and effort ...


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