Monday, 23 March 2015

The Roof of Britain - One BIG Adventure!

On the 18th April we begin our journey to paddle around the 'Roof of Britain' a journey of 400 nm and with some of Britain's most exciting, committing and beautiful coastline.   Basically its the top half of mainland Scotland.  The team is made up of Tavi from Swansea, with Anita and Sarah from Switzerland.

We meet up early December and had 4 days intensive training and what a super few days it was with the Stacks, big swell day on the east coast, Bardsey Island and Holy Island Circumnavigation.  Since then action plans have been worked on and emails have flown back and forth.  

Where we will start will depend on the weather at the time and for the forecast for the following week. We have 4 weeks in total to work with We will keep a weekly Blog on our progress, so you can follow and keep updated, if you want to.   Plus on Facebook, I'll send a Tweet and a photo more regularly.

If you want to know more about the 'RoB' then there is a couple of Blogs from previous teams, which can be viewed here

Tavi up front with Sarah and then Anita, on the East coast of Anglesey with a big swell running and a NW dropping F5 wind ....

PS:  Thanks Tavi for the RoB logo!


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