Friday, 10 July 2015

5 Star Leader Training Sea - Sunny South Devon!

Its the 2nd 5 star leader training Ive now run in sunny summer conditions and Ive got to say its fantastic!!  

South Devon and working with Lee Pooley and with a forecast of F4/5 over the weekend and 1.5-2.1 mt swell running from the W/SW was always going to bring a smile to my face.  We headed for Salcombe and South Sands and Bo's cafe.  

After some discussions and comparisons of tidal plans we headed out ... tricky as it was just after 1200 and I'd been snacking so i needed to keep a close watch on the time so we could have a proper lunch!!  We had decided after last year to start at 1100, due to having to wait for darkness to arrive. 

Gully rescues with contact tows and towlines ... building up too

 .... rocky landings and surf launch swim back out ...

At Bolt Head and some super confused conditions  ....

Outside Bolt Head and a good wind and swell against tide ...  ;)

We did a couple of loops, and then came back in and discussed top tips and handy hints .... and assessing individuals before deciding to run down into the race ... which was significant!!

Back towards south sands The Bar was working really well ...

We did a few short navigation sections from 2030 onwards after a super warm dinner in the fading sun, up towards South Pool and as the darkness fell upon us, the nigh nav began!

The following day we headed back to this super venue.  Leadership sections with or without a scenario were worked through and as we came across a new venue between Lee and my self short work shops were delivered.

Landing an incapacitated a paddler in a raft and through some small surf - a rescue that needs good practice and in my opinion other options need to be explored before deciding on this scenario ...

After a short lunch, the surf was calling us back out and a few nice waves, were rolling in ...

Debriefs over ice cream (well at least for me any way) ... with another top group of guys, wrapped up another fab 5 star leader training. Note to self,  run more 5 star leader trainings in the summer  .. ;)

Thanks to Lee and Jo for putting me up - it was great to work with Lee again.


roger chandler

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