Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bespoke sea kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

Keith and John were back for another year and a few days Bespoke sea kayaking.  Normally late September/October was there time, but with the last couple of years wind and rain dominated.  July they hoped would provide sunshine and blue skies ....  Well Monday didn't and I had no camera!! so we spent the day in The Menai Straits going through low braced turns and stern rudders - inside and out side edge.  This was going to set us up for the next couple of days ...  

My photos have come out a little jumbled, but as you will see we got that sunny blue sky days  ... ;)

Last day at Rhoscolyn and looking down towards the Lleyn above, and some rock hoping, putting our turns into practise, below.

2nd day was the 10k one way paddle of the Stacks - we went against the Ebb, so only had South Stack to work with, which we went through at slackish water.  saying that the guys worked really well with a couple of active back eddies, flowing against a N f2/3 wind, gave a 1ft of swell and confused water ...

Looking back at South Stack light house above and some super rock scenery, around Elyn's tower.  the birds to were loving the sunny day ...

Landing for lunch below at Silver Bay on the 3rd and last day ...

It had been lovely that the sun had come out, and that the wind had allowed both Keith and John to paddle the Stacks.  A classic, stunning and committing trip.  One I'm sure will be remembered for a few years yet!!

Hi Roger

Just to say big thanks for your efforts with John and I. 
Superb time — tired today!
Very much appreciated.


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