Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Current Courses and Exciting Opportunities for 2016

2015 was a busy year, right until the end and I thank you for that!  These last few weeks have been really useful and I have relished, doing those out standing jobs, like inputting on my new website, some study and generally catching up with my self.  Except my tax return/accounts which was really boring, but had to be done.  Its currently grey, windy and sleeting outside, so its easier to be sat in front of my PC!

2016 has started well and a number of courses are already full. The new calendar or find course by category, is up and running and dates are now up to August 2016.  The following currently have places on and are going ahead:

6-7th Feb - Intermediate: aimed at working on 3 star skills and has only 2 places left, at a cost of £160.

5th March - Open Water Navigation & Tidal Planning:  An element of the 5 star leader training, although this can be a stand alone theory course as well, providing a good understanding of coastal planning is already held. Cost £90

6-9th March - 5 star leader training:  Advanced leadership and performance training, with night navigation also included.  2 days is the minimum requirement - 4 allows more time to allow for different sea conditions and processing. 5 days incl OWNTP at £330, 4 days at £270, 3 days at £230 and just the training at £160.  Gain feedback and leave with a comprehensive action plan. 2 places are left.

16th March - Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP): Theory day around understanding weather, tides, charts and planning coastal journeys.  Part of the 4 star leader training, although this day can also be attended if you have basic tidal planning understanding and you want to increase your understanding.  Cost £90.

17-18th March - 4 Star Leader training:  Leadership and performance training in Moderate conditions.  3 days with the CNTP above is £230, just the training is £160. Gain feedback and leave with a comprehensive action plan.  3 places are left.

2/3rd April - IntroMediate:  Only 4 places on this course which gentle brings a paddler into contact with flow, wind, swell and small surf - Now only 2 places left.  Cost £160.

Two further courses I will highlight here are the Pembroke Sea kayaking, which follows the Stackpole sea kayak festival which I'm working on and 'Coaching the Mind', sports psychology course.

23-25th May - Pembroke sea kayaking:  This 2 or 3 day course is for InterMediate paddlers as a minimum and aims to paddle some to Pembroke's classic islands and locations.   It follows the stackpole sea kayak festival, so hopefully within the 5 days we will get a mix of sea conditions, weather, wildlife and with Puffins galore!!.  This is separate from the Stockpile festival so go direct to them to book on the weekend.  With me, its £230 for 3 days or £160 for 2 days and only 4 places are left.

16-17th July - Coaching the Mind:  This is the 2nd course we have run and it was a great success, in 2015.  This year we are adding a one day option, by attending only the theory course.  Or as before with the 2nd day on the water sea kayaking and putting mental skills training into action.  

The first day is theory behind sports psychology, in brief and is a mix of PowerPoint, active work shops and discussion.  This means its open to any one who is interested in improving their own performance and coaching style.  So if you rock climb, white water paddle, stand up paddle board or mountain bike, then come along.

The 2nd day is putting mental skills training into a sea kayaking environment, to enable your confidence to be able to grow and use the techniques, with on the water support.  Because of this minimum ability is InterMediate and the working ratio is 2:8 - two coaches to 8 individuals or one to four.

One day costs £90 and two days is £180.  On both days Lee Pooley, one of British Canoings national trainers and Roger Chandler owner of Coastal Spirit.

Only 8 places on the 2 day option, and 6 are currently available.  A further 4 places are available on the first day. 

With all of the above either email or message me on FB, for further information.  Check out my website for other course and if you want something unique and individualised, then consider Bespoke sea kayaking.  In the week, set at your pace and designed for you.

I hope a course above inspires you and I look forward to working with you on the water soon.


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