Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Traditional kayak building workshop - Adriana Eyzaguirre

Traditional kayak building workshop -  Adriana Eyzaguirre.
Our kayak building workshop is one of those classes that we can truly call “Once in a lifetime” – Kiliii Fish, founder of Seawolf Kayaks, is coming from the Pacific Northwest to teach the ancient art of building traditional skin-on-frame kayaks. He has been delivering the workshop for over 10 years so the experience, learning and results you will get as a participant are outstanding.

When you bring a boat to life in the traditional fashion, you create stories just as the first kayakers did and still do. You learn complex building techniques like steam-bending, but also how to understand wood, lashings and hand tools. In class we talk about kayak history, native history and paddling adventures.

Every participant creates a functional piece of art: In our workshops, every builder completes an ultralight kayak. On the final day, weather permitting, we will paddle our boats and learn about Greenland kayaking technique.

All the Seawolf kayak models undergo extensive R&D and are each designed with a particular set of needs in mind - from long expeditions and fishing, to surfing and rock gardening. Our builders will have 4 models to choose from.

Our next workshop will be September in Scotland. Our plan is to follow the workshop with a two day expedition in the fiords and seas around our base.

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