Friday, 13 August 2010

Discover Sea Kayaking North Wales

With August feeling rather unsettled and more Northerly winds in each days forecast, we actually did pretty well with the sun, although the rest of Snowdonia I'm not sure got off so lucky!

This week we had Paul (below) and Gill on the first two days and then Doreen, Cherry and Alan (from Derby Outdoor Focus) for four days and then Richard and Kit joining us for the third day.

Moelfre to Benllech and back for our first day, with lots of attention on edging and using your body to be more effective. A good break at the end of the day in Ann's pantry to reflect back over a tea or a coffee and making the most of the sunshine.

Our 2nd day was from Moelfre to Dulas and back, increasing the sea state and introducing, the use of skegs and stern rudders to further assist the control of the sea kayak when the wind is behind you. Alan fanced some more adventure so with Helen and myself we took a paddle out to Ynys Dulas, he wasent disapointed!

Day 3 due to a forecast of F4 winds and gusting F5, form the North, the Menai Straits was to be our venue. From Menai Bridge to the Gazelle and back with an emphasis on vertical turning strokes and sideways movement. The wind today didn't really arrive as forecast, so we had a super calm sea surface with a gentle strong current. The journey back from the Gazelle was about 3k, and we were back at Menai Bridge in about 15 minutes! We finished off with a circuit of blending turning strokes, draws, effective positioning and low braces support strokes.

With a similar forecast to the previous day and now the final day, the aim was to bring and link together the previous 3 days. Rhoscolyn was the venue, which also worked well as Cherry and Doreen were camping there, so they had a short walk to the beach. Stern rudders and skegs from the beach and out beyond the headland and then some moving in and around the rocks and gullies that make up this coastline. Fully using the previous days strokes and now in a different context and at the same time avoiding the wind.
We crossed the Cymyran Strait on to Anglesey and found a super spot out of the wind for a good break, before making our way back past Silver Bay.
I would like to thank Helen who also joined us on the first two days, to observe and assist, as she works towards her 4 star leader.

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