Monday, 2 August 2010

Rapid Development Xpedition (RDX) training weekend

For the 1st training weekend in preperation for our Xpedition and Adventure to paddle around Wales April 2011, we couldn't ask for a better forecast. F4 sw, gusting F5 on Saturday and then Sunday F2/3. Over a coffee, time was taken introducing the course and then Di, Sue and Paul were asked to consider their Wants and Needs from RDX and the weekend, before completing a skills target model.

Treadour bay was the choice for maneuvering in wind and swell, below Sonja is leading out and then 2/3rds of the day was spent avoiding a surf landing and then catching and controlling, surfing a sea kayak. Video clip is Sonja surfing in, or "demo girl" as she became known!

To finish with a couple of circuits around the rocky skerries, managing wind, swell and timing, wrapped up the day.

Sunday was at Rhoscolyn head and due to camping out the night before we were on the water for 0830! Some swell was left over from the previous day, with a light breeze providing a gentle wind against tide and a current of round 3-4 knots. Ferry glides, eddy turns and lots of reading the water and journeys in and around the beacon rocks. Looking at the big picture and then focusing down.

Lunch (some may question this?!) with a tricky rocky landing in a small gully and then deep water rescues and self rescues were demonstrated and the tried. A journey back to the Beacon (Di in the centre of the photo below) and a circuit using the shelter of the rocks and various eddies before running the main race (bottom photo Sue, just her head! with Paul closer).

Jumping Jacks at Holy head for tea and coffees and some focused creation of individual action plans before a review with both Roger, to enhance further specific points and then with Sonja to consider the bigger picture and set a follow up telephone coaching date.

Each person now has a detailed action plan and during August a telephone coaching session has been arranged with Sonja, to further assist each person working towards their goals. The next training weekend is on the 27/28th November, which is likely to involve a paddle on the River Dee, so we can become more familiar with this area and the a section of the Canal which has a significant number of locks, so we can practice various techniques of portaging!

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