Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sea Kayaking the Norwegian Fjords

Below is 1 hour into our first paddle day, having spent a comfortable evening in a super hostel and bought our food for the week, the evening before. This was truly one of the most spectacular days, around 12k of paddling, with 1300 metre high peaks and walls of rock, and only 200 mts wide in the narrowest spot, with the occasional car ferry's moving back and forth!

An evening of rolling practice for some, swimming for others (water was about 15c, so pretty warm), with a super camp fire and discussion on our 2nd days options and our first visit of 3-5 porpoises as we eat our evening meals.

We paddled past many spectacular waterfalls, had a close sighting of a Sea Eagle and a great light and colour display, provided by the moody weather. The photo above is after along days paddle (28k) and with the last 2-3 hours into a F3 head wind, which made our progress around one of the headlands interesting and exciting.

With a later start, blue skies, sunshine, gentle winds and a following sea, the 15k down the Fjord, to our 3rd camp, passed by and as the winds dropped, we heard and saw another pod of porpoises, which stayed around and came quite close to our kayaks. A memorable moment and I caught it on the camera!

Day 4 and another 15k brought us back into the other branch of a parallel Fjord and our 2nd public campsite (although neither had showers) and allowed some the opportunity to get walk a steep and narrow farm track and few the Fjord from above. We also had a camp visitor the morning we were packing!

Having reached the end of our paddle, we loaded the sea kayaks on to the trailer and driven back to the start of our paddle. A group photo was taken, before returning to Voss hostel, for a hot shower, a bed for the night and some food. The weather overall was kind with sunny days and occasional showers. A super trip with great company and around 82k covered.

Interested? Our dates for 2011 are now on the website, further photos will appear in our gallery soon. If you require further information just contact us and consider joining us in the summer of 2011.

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